Video technology is everywhere. It’s being consumed on a massive scale today, thanks in large part to the accessibility of broadband transmission and progress made in encoding technology. Today over 45% of internet traffic, by volume, is digitized video; Netflix, itself, accounts for over 20% of all internet traffic ( Almost anyone is reading this article, will have used YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or one of the many other video sites on the web; but, consider how broad and easily accessible those services are. Netflix, for instance, is available not just on computers, but nearly any peripheral device you own: iPads/iPods/iPhones, Android devices, bluray players, gaming consoles, streaming media players, and even network connected televisions.

But what does Netflix, Youtube, Hulu or the like have to do with security? Expectations.
The more people regularly stream video from a service across many devices, the more they will come to expect that level of experience. Now consider your customers’ current video solutions and how they consume video…can they pull it up on a diverse set of devices, without hassle? If they haven’t started asking that question now, they will. You can thank the Netflix and YouTubes of the world for that expectation, challenge and opportunity.

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