Sargent and Greenleaf has a long history of designing high security locks to meet government specifications, and many of these locks are still in use today throughout the government.  From their famous 8400/8500 MP® series manipulation-proof combination locks to the S&G® 951 high security padlock and the  S&G® 2937 mechanical lock, we’ve partnered with the U.S. Federal Government to deliver the locks that help protect our country’s assets and information.  Today, Phil Pitt*, Director of Marketing for Sargent and Greenleaf will answer a few questions about a recent addition to their product line-up: the S&G® 2740.

Tell us about the new S&G® 2740

Phil: S&G just introduced a new high security container lock called the S&G® 2740.  The S&G® 2740 is specially designed to meet federal specification FF-L-2740A.  The new S&G® 2740 is used on GSA approved containers that require a lock that meets this federal specification.  These containers are used throughout the Government to protect classified materials and the Government’s most sensitive information. The S&G® 2740 is designed for maximum security, easy installation and simple/reliable operation.

What makes the S&G® 2740 special?

Phil: Well, it starts with our design philosophy to deliver locks with the highest level of security, easy installation and simple operation.   For example, there are no cables from the dial on the outside of the container to the lock on the inside of the container.  We think this enhances security.   To make the 2740 easy and quick to install, we designed it to install very much like a standard mechanical lock.  Technicians and container OEM’s are accustomed to installing such locks. And this can be done in much less time than the competition.  Dialing a combination on the 2740 couldn’t be easier.  It’s a familiar left-right-left dialing pattern used with mechanical combination locks.  To make the dial easier to read and more comfortable to use in varying light conditions, we laser-etched the numbers and use a super bright white.  To simplify calibrating the lock upon initial installation, changing users modes, changing combinations and troubleshooting the lock, we use a small set up module that attaches to the lock via a cable.  The module provides users both visual and audio feedback regarding the operation and the lock’s status.  We are getting very positive feedback from customers who are using the 2740 in the field. They seem to love it!

2740 Dial                                            2740 Lock Body

Where can customers find more information?

Phil: To learn more about the S&G® 2740 High Security Lock, visit our website at, contact an S&G or Stanley Security Solutions Territory Account Manager, or contact an S&G Authorized distributor.

*Phil Pitt is Director of Marketing for Sargent and Greenleaf.  He has been in the security industry for 7 years.  Phil’s background also includes 10 years in the information technology industry where he specialized in developing and marketing solutions for consumer, retail, financial and government markets.

**Sargent & Greenleaf , a Stanley Security Solutions company, has been a world leader in medium and high security locks and locking systems for safes and vaults since 1857.

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